The year 2020 had a bad start. The Convid 19  coronavirus became a global pandemic resulting in lock down in many countries and restriction in travelling overseas.

In line with the government’s circuit breaker measure, the Singapore Adventurers’ Club is suspending all activities from early March until further notice. We will resume our usual activities once the government announces the cancellation of the circuit breaker measure.  We should help to flatten the curve by practising social distancing, personal hygiene and staying at home as much as possible.  We will ride through this crisis together and emerge a stronger and healthier Singapore.

Prior to the circuit breaker measure, SAC managed to hold the 57th Annual General Meeting whereby members attended the AGM in person and some via online and also via proxy. After the AGM, the Management Committee elected the office bearers.  Details of the 57th Management Committee for the year 2020 is stated in the Management Committee page of this website.

By Alec Ang

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