Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal (for existing members only) – Please complete the online form below, remit your renewal fee ($30 for 6 years) via PayNow to SAC UEN no S63SS0045DDBS and click “Send”. When we process your renewal form, we will email you to inform the results of your renewal.

You may send in your renewal request to us via WhatsApp at 65-81683419 stating

a) Your Name (as per NRIC)

b) Last 4 digit and alphabet of your NRIC (eg SXXX2345B)

c) Email Address

d) Bank PayNow Transaction details

Note : Please allow for up to 3 weeks for processing of your SAC Membership renewal.


    Membership Renewal Form

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    I will remit the renewal fee to DBS PayNow to SAC UEN S63SS0045DDBS upon submitting this renewal form.

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