About activity

  • Activities are meant for the Club and SAC members.

About activity cost

  • There will be no refund for withdrawal from an activity unless the activity is cancelled by SAC.
  • Transfer of fee to another activity is not allowed.

Signing up for an activity

  • Refer to the “Activities” page in this SAC website / SAC News Flash / SAC Facebook notification for contact details of the various activities organizers.
  • Contact the activity organizer to enquire about available slots for the activity. If the activity has vacancy or is still available, he/she may instruct you to then send a activity Participation Form together with a cheque (or transfer) to either himself or to the Club. Note that the cheque must be made payable to “Singapore Adventurers’ Club”.
  • You may download the activity Participation Form here
  • In general, places are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Nearer to the activity date, do confirm details of the activities with the activity organizer in addition to making sure your space had been allocated.
  • Dates and cost of activities may change due to unforeseen circumstances which the organizer will explain to you.
  • Activities are subjected to the rules detailed in the SAC Management Committee and Activity Handbooks.

Activity grading scale

Grade Meaning Example
1 Easy. Activity can be completed easily by person of average fitness. Treks are usually on relatively flat terrain and not expected to last more than 3~4 hours. Day Hikes in Singapore, R&R activities like visiting Malaysian for rest and relax activity, etc
2 Moderate.Physical exertion of between 3~5 hours on sustained upward climbing of hills can be expected. Day Trekking to Malaysian hills e.g. Gunung Lambak, Gunung Datuk, Gunung Angsi, Gunung Panti, Pelepah Waterfalls, Berkelah Waterfalls
3 Moderate to Strenuous. Participants should be in good fitness condition as physical exertion on hilly steep terrain exceeding 5 hours are highly likely. Depending on trips, the carrying of heavy backpacks may add to the exertion.
Those who have not been exercising regularly will need to undergo some pre-conditioning training to prepare them for the trek.
Mt. Ophir Crossover, Gunung Belumut, Multiple day treks in Korea , Taiwan, etc
4 Strenuous. Physical exertion exceeding 6~7 hours on multiple days are likely. Trekking condition may be challenging due to weather and altitude plus carrying of heavy backpacks. Participants need to undergo proper fitness conditioning prior to trip. Gunung Tahan trek, Gunung Kinabalu, Gunung Korbu, High altitude treks to Nepal, India, etc