SAC to Windsor Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park is located off Venus Drive at the Upper Thomson area, walking distance from the Thomson Mall.  Opened in 2017, the 75-hectare park is a green buffer for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Group will cover the Hanguana Trail, Drongo Trail, Squirrel trail, and part of the rubber plantation. Highlights include marsh habitat, several freshwater streams and new boardwalks. Participants get to see remnants of a fruits farm with many large trees still around.

Date/Time: Sunday, 10th April 2022 at 8.30am – 11am

Meeting Place:  Drop off point at Venus Drive

Note: Group will commence walk at 8.45am

What to bring/wear:  Raincoat or umbrella, drink and snacks and insect repellant.  Use covered shoes.

Note:  Participants to text the organizer if they are going

Organiser, first aider and guide:  Peter Ng (Tel: 89381055)