Gunung Lambak Trek 25Mar (Sat)

At a height of 510m, this hill is located in Kluang in Johor (W. Malaysia). It takes under 2hours to reach it from Singapore.

It takes not more than an hour and a half to ascend to the summit, and further on it the false summit and come down to the foot, for an additional hour walk.  After which it will be a short trek out to the end point with showering facilities.

This trek is suitable for beginners who want to experience Malaysia trails.  We will be departing on a Saturday morning (before 8.30am) and returning to Singapore on the same day evening. A restaurant dinner at Kluang /JB will be provided before the journey back to Singapore.

Date : 25 Mar 2023 (Sat)

Meeting Time/place before departure:
7:30 am empty ground space in-front of Marsilng MRT station
Cost : S$90 for SAC Members (including transport and restaurant dinner) Non-member: $110
Group size : 10-20
Grading : Easy
Trip Leader : Tan Yee Lee

How to register : Contact Yee Lee 90230016/ Whatsapp /SMS

Register by : ASAP, before  17 Mar 23