First Ascent of Mount Kinabalu (1970)

by The SAC 21st Anniversary Magazine Editorial Team


The most significant achievement in 1970 was the successful first ascent of Mount Kinabalu (4,007 meters), the highest peak in South East Asia.

Prior to the climb, the “Magnificent Seven” comprising Andrew Cheng, Alec Ang, Anthony Yip, Lee Lai Chuan, M. Subash, Mohd. Yusof Khan and Tan Kim Chwee underwent a series of endurance tests and physical fitness at Bukit Timah in order to adapt themselves to the environment at Mount Kinabalu.

After scaling Mount Kinabalu, the team flew to Tawau on a boar-hunting mission. Unfortunately no wild boars were sighted though they managed to bag a few flying foxes, wild squirrels and porcupines.

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