SAC to Thomson Nature Park

Date: Sunday, 9 Jan 2022 at 8.30am – 11am
Meeting Place: Rest area in front of the toilet at 8.30am. Group will start
the walk at 8.45am.
How to get there: Take bus 138, 167, 169, 860, 980 (alight after
Tagore Drive on your right, Park is on your left). If you are driving,
please arrive an hour earlier to get a car park (limited car park space). It
is advisable that you take public transport to avoid disappointment.
The Thomson Nature Park is located along Upper Thomson Road. This
50-hectare park is unique for its rich cultural heritage as the site of a
former Hainan Village. It is also the conservation site for the endangered
Raffles’ Banded Langur (rare primate). Explore the 5 trails spanning
3.8km around the former village’s road network.
Fee: There is a collection of $5 for non-members. Members free.
What to bring/wear: Rain coat, insect repellent, drink and snacks. Wear
light and use covered walking shoes.
Note: Please text the organiser to indicate you are attending. To
maintain social distancing at all time and group of five.
Guide, first aider & Organiser: Peter Ng (Tel. 89381055)

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