To introduce a new member (age 18 years plus)  to join the Club, please follow these simple instructions:


Step 1: Please complete and submit the Member Gets Member Application Form (see below)

Step 2. The Membership Chairman will contact the new member and will advise him/her on the payment of the discounted membership fee of $80 (2 years membership and administration fee). The usual membership fee for 2 years is $110 (2 years membership $60 and administration fee $50).

Step 3 : When payment is received the new member will benefits:

  •  Discounted overseas trips price
  •  Free Nature/local walks
  •  Invitation to Members’ Bonding events
  •  One vote at Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  •  Can be nominated for election as  Management Committee after one year of membership
  • And many others

Step 4 : When the new member is approved and payment is received by the Club, the introducer will receive a $10 Gift Voucher.


Member Gets Member Scheme

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