Gunung Belumut Trek (20 August 2017)

by Hua Chai Sing

A mountain that I could only marvel in terms of the number of leeches.

We started climbing at 10.45am and had to reach peak by 2pm. I was only half way at 1.30pm so I took my lunch with Yee Lee at the half way mark. It was then that I decided with Yee Lee to take a leisurely time to go down as we were conserving our energy.

My thighs were sore so was my knees. The pounding and turnings as well as the sprained ankle makes it tougher. I realised that I was not fit enough. But was truly amazed at all my other participants who shown true grit and toughness to reach the TOP of 1010m. It is the fourth highest mountain in Johore but then this is a mountain that you must trained before going up.

By 6.45pm, we were all ready to go for dinner at cincin restaurant at Kluang with its delicious fried ducks. The eating was excellent in both price and quality. The 9 of us thoroughly enjoyed this special dinner which was the highlight beside the weary climb.

It was one of the few times that I was not able to finish the climb but I spent more time along the way and hearing the sounds of the forests. The magical of the forests helped me to understand the nature peacefulness and quietness.

The leeches bites were also memorable. Anyone who wants to have bad bloods removed can go to Gunung Belumut. Leeches await you with full vitality.

Finally I realised my new hiking Salomon shoes could not helped me too much. My black diamond stick was broken along the way as it could not take my weights when I missed my balance. The only remembrance I had was the live bites from the leeches at this mountain.

Hardly see any other group climbing this mountain but ours only. So if you like a quiet mountain without many people climbing, this is the mountain for you. I hope to come back again and have more time to climb.

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